Your Shirt Made In Style



A men’s dress shirt is supposed to be the go to article in men’s fashion to define style and sophistication as seen in magazines such as GQ. As such, there are a lot of different aspects that come into play when creating a nice shirt.

Today we will be discussing neck collar, an easily overlooked part of the shirt that is vital to the appearance of the gentleman.

The collar is the hinge at which hangs the balance that frames to whole of the body and face of the gentleman. Because it is so close to the face it plays this vital role. In this topic we will discuss the two most known ones: Spread collars and Point collars.

Spread Collars:

Also called the “Cutaway” collar this collar compliments men who have a medium to long shaped head and act as an opposite to the point collar.

Point collars:

The most common collar that is out there. These can be found in practically every store where you can get “off the rack” clothing. The idea of this collar is that it should elongate the men’s face but most of the time the collar lacks the length or right angle to actually pull this of.

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The importance of bespoke shirts in this decade

bespoke shirts This decade has been characterized by the insertion of new elements into the world of bespoke shirts Such elements can be described as influential sources of trend as they have given these shirts a new image, an image of change and modernity.

The creation of such shirts idealize new dress code for men which can be used for many different types of situations including casual meetings, social meetings, business meetings, and much more.

These reflect the change in style from an old age to the new era. The white collar highlights the exclusivity of the design, giving it a nice look.

The proper way to measure this kind of shirt can be somewhat troublesome for a man, but can be done with the right instructions. It is just as important as measuring men’s pants because if the shirt fits, it will release a sensation of comfort and neatness.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the variation in styles that tailors have. Sometimes, if you are not detailed enough, your tailor will apply his own preferences which may lead to make you feel uncomfortable when you are out.

In the world of fashion and style, you must dress shirts that are designed for sophisticated men like you, that means shirts that inspire elegance and neatness.   The way you can succeed on this is through careful observation of conservative trends.

Focus on trends that never fail such as standard black designs. You name it, there is a lot to choose from. If you cannot make up your mind, get some suggestions from respectable tailors, maybe they are around your neighborhood or in downtown.

It is for you to take initiative and find out a pool of options. That is all you need for consideration. The final touch is yours so be conscious of your wardrobe.